Where and Wear

Two locations of your choice. I can also help you decide on the locations. Now what to wear. You can wear whatever you want but my suggestions would be -

anything bright
anything with prints - polka dots, stripes etc ....
please bring any personal props. I love props I would photograph a can of diet pepsi I love it so much. So please bring anything at all that is personal to you or that might get a laugh. Also anything that will make your child happy is great too. A shot with a favorite toy is always just a cute reminder of how much they loved that particular item.

Here are a few of my go to stores for clothing if you need ideas

For kids

Sassy Baby Boutique - Gardner Village
Oopsie Daisy Boutique - Soda Row in Daybreak
Trendy Tots - Riverwoods Mall
Baby Gap
Persnickety - South Town Mall
Anything vintage is also fabulous, or something handmade is always beautiful and unique.

For Adults

Urban Outfitters
Black and White

Anything unique is always the best though. I love finding new things that not everyone owns, and I will happily share all my finds here.